Digital customer experience: Everything to know in 2022

An online article that gives tips and advises for digital customer experience excellence.

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A paper that examines whether the digital management of hotels in Thasos have a positive impact on their marketing.

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Reimagining support for small businesses: The path for creating stronger and more resilient small businesses through and beyond Covid-19

Some policy recommendations by MasterCard, including digitalization of SMEs for boosting them through and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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That is how Cyprus is re-introducing its tourism to the global market

This is a newspaper articles that explains the new tourism identity that Cyprus has adopted after the pandemic and the ways of reintroducing tourism in the island.

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The Importance of Digital Transformation in International Business

This study was developed under the scope of a Portuguese project focused on the entrepreneur’s perspective an perception on the internationalization process of his company: more specifically, about the factors that enhanced the company entry into foreign markets as well as the constraints found in this process.

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Le comportement d’internationalisation des PME suisses - Born global et internationalisation progressive

This is a case study of Swiss SMEs and their way to internationalization.

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Your Guide to Creating the Ultimate Buyer Persona

This article aims at assisting a business owner to comprehend the target group and to adapt the messaging and tactics that are going to be deployed. A buyer persona is a critical tool for getting there.

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How to Create an International Tourism Marketing Strategy

This article is a guide in order to assist business up to new markets and define an international marketing strategy by following specific steps.

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Factors influencing consumers' rejection to smartphone transactions in the lodging industry

How hotels should update their smartphones’ applications in order to meet the customer needs.

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Στρατηγικές Ψηφιακού

Πρακτικές ψηφιακής προώθησης των ξενοδοχειακών μονάδων.

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Τα 50 καλύτερα ξενοδοχεία στην Κύπρο ως προς το digital marketing

Σε αυτό το άρθρο γίνεται αναφορά σε 50 ξενοδοχεία ου αξιολογήθηκαν ως τα καλύτερα σε σχέση με την πολιτική του digital marketing που χρησιμοποιούν.

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This articles analyses the new trends in hotels’ marketing and especially the use of the digital marketing.

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This article explains what digital transformation is, what is digital customer experience and which steps a business should follow to provide a good customer experience. 

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Online innovation and repurchase intentions in hotels: the mediating effect of customer experience

This articles analyses the effect of digital innovation can have on the customer experience and the increase of purchases.

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What a Great Digital Customer Experience Actually Looks Like

Tips and advises on the attention and investment that should be paid to digital customer experience.

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Digital customer experience – connecting the dots

This article explains the differences between digital customer and physical customer, combining customer experience and digitalisation

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What is a Digital Business Plan?

Step guides and processes involved in adapting the process of producing a business plan to a digitalization business plan.

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Creating action plans for your business plan

An introduction to producing action plans in the context of business planning.

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Force Field Analysis

Analyzing the Pressures For and Against Change in a business

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6 business analysis techniques to use in your strategic plans

A summary of Business analysis techniques and specific processes used to audit and improve business operations. Step-by-step procedures, tools and techniques help advisers and analysts stay organized and make strategic decisions during the analysis.

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SWOT analysis vs. PEST analysis

A description of the relative features of SWOT and PEST(LE), two of the main diagnostic needs analysis tools used in business analysis.

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Why are customer expectations changing in the hospitality industry?

This articles comments on the changes of the customer needs in the hospitality industry impacted by technology.

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This article is introducing the changes that the millennials are bringing in the hospitality industry

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New research reveals the technology and safety measures hotel guests want during COVID-19

This article analyses new current customer needs that have arose after the pandemic

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Understanding service experience and its impact on brand image in hospitality sector

This paper provides an understanding of customers’ common expectations and other important factors that enhance service experience during guest stay in the three selected four star rated hotels in Jammu, Chandigarh and Delhi, India.

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Price-personalization: Customer typology based on hospitality business

This article argues that revenue managers should understand customer personalization preferences for each type in order to develop effective pricing strategies.

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Turning the blackbox into a glassbox: An explainable machine learning approach for understanding hospitality customer

This article utilizes an explainable machine learning approach on Airbnb data to understand solve two challenges associated with large-scale marketing data.

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